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DWAVE collaborates with many local and state organizations including the YWCA Columbus, CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence, the Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio (SARNCO), Ohio Domestic Violence Network and Victim Services and Legal Taskforces of the Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence.

DWAVE uses a three-tiered approach for service provision that DWAVE an opportunity to provide assistance, and advocacy, at all levels of the service system. At the agency/system level, our director is able to make personal connections with agency leadership to offer education and support in adapting current programs and approaches to meet the needs of Deaf consumers.

At the community level, our sexual violence prevention and education coordinator is able to share information and expertise with the members of the Deaf Community who may be wary of traditionally hearing services. She is also able to work with providers in the community, detailing Deaf perspectives and service barriers that must be addressed.

Finally, at the individual level, an advocacy services coordinator will impact the level of safety and support a Deaf survivor experiences within the system of care, as they receive more accessible services in a system working toward cultural competency.

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