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DWAVE is an official 501c (3) non-profit organization with tax exemption status.

Do you shop at Kroger?

Log onto and select DWAVE as your preferred community rewards recipient. Kroger will make a donation to DWAVE based on a percentage of your purchases. You still keep your Kroger Rewards points, no worries! Kroger makes their own donation to DWAVE in your honor!

Do you shop online for products and services?

Go to and create an account. You can pick DWAVE as the charity you want to support. Then go shopping from the hundreds of everyday stores on the website. A percent of your purchase is donated in your honor to DWAVE.

Do you search the internet?

You can make your preferred search engine and select DWAVE as your preferred charity. Every time you search for something, DWAVE will earn a penny. It all adds up!

Help make a difference with every online purchase you make!

When you shop at one of Goodshop’s 5,000+ popular online retailers, part of what you spend will be automatically donated to our cause. Just click to signup and choose DWAVE as your cause to start shopping, donating, and saving with deals like Orbitz coupons, Puritan’s Pride coupons , and Old Navy coupons !