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Spring/Summer Retreat Sessions:  What did we do?

We learned about a variety of sessions learning about how we can learn different ways to take care of ourselves.  Here are some examples and photos (no participants are photographed, only the volunteers or facilitators, to protect privacy).

Our First Survivors' Retreat Session:  5/20/11
Julie teaches us some yoga poses!  We explore how we can take care of ourselves, both calming and energizing ideas.

Second Survivors' Retreat Session:  5/27/11

Julie teaches how to sew backpacks.  We explore our hidden talents and the importance of being kind to ourselves.

Third Survivors' Retreat Session:  6/4/11

Healthy Cooking!  Turkey Burgers with Fresh Herbs and Sinless Banana Split!

1 Banana, cut in half
3 scoops Watermelon
3 dollops Vanilla Yogurt
1 cup Blueberries
2 tsp Ground Flax Seed
Sprinkle Low Fat Granola
Sprinkle 70% Cocoa Dark Choc Chips
DIRECTIONS:  Pile all into a bowl and enjoy! (as seen on Dr. Oz)


Fourth Survivors' Retreat Session:  6/11/11

Art!  With Mania's help, we paint old windows and experiment with self-expression.



Fifth Survivors' Retreat Session:  6/17/11

Crafts!  We make paper storage boxes for our blessings and burdens and try our weaving skills.


Last Session:  6/25/11

Gardening!  We plant some flowers for our host, Anne.  Getting our hands dirty and connecting with the earth.  Can't wait 'til we start all over again with a new Retreat Series!

A special thank you to all who participated in our retreat sessions.  It is a big risk to meet and share about our private lives.  Thanks for trusting DWAVE with your experiences and allowing us to support you in your journey!

Vagina Monologues

April, 2011--DWAVE just wrapped our Columbus and Dayton performances.  Kudos to all who helped make it great.

April, 2010--DWAVE hosted a stellar performance of the Vagina Monologues.  DWAVE had over 30 volunteers help bring this event to the stage, earning over $5,000 by selling 200 seats.  DWAVE donated 10% of profits from ticket sales to the Women of the Congo.  DWAVE extends a special and heartfelt welcome to our directors, actresses, photographer, and volunteers who made this event memorable!

Vagina Monologues--Directed by Julie Stewart  Stage Manager: Jody Daulton

Vagina Warriors:

Roberta Eaton Sherette Estes Abbie DeMattei Nancy Lawrence Boone

Kimberly Clark Baumer Pam Estes Susan Smith Karen Parker Rose Larson

Jessica Nini Jonelle Deja Shannon Clancy Jacqueline Hanna

Special Thanks to Interpreters:  Pam Brodie and Emily LeGros

Program Book:  David Eichorn Photographer:  Mania Porthoski

Sponsored by VDAY:  Until the Violence Stops

We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support:

Phia Salon Buckeye Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf Sprint Relay

Spine and Sports Chiropratic Deaf Women of Ohio Dr. Brian Ghiloni

Special Tribute to Sara Paulin Casto who fought tirelessly for equality

among women and reflected the very spirit of women among us.

DWAVE-Aware House Parties:

DWAVE is currently coordinating House Parties. If you are interested in hosting a House Party, contact Roberta Eaton at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Yummy DWAVE Cake and Cookies! (By Robin Day: August, 2008)

Here are some pictures from a party hosted by Steven Ripple and Henry Cook, October, 2007:

Guest Speaker, Jill Lestina, shared about Domestic Violence:

The guests learn about the impact of Domestic Violence:

Host, Steven Ripple, Board President, Cheryl Prusinski, and Guest Speaker, Jill Lestina answer questions from the party guests.

You can host a DWAVE-Aware House Party. Share your passion for helping others with your friends and family while supporting DWAVE.


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